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The Australia Mural

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“The Australia Mural” by David Hart was officially accepted at Queensland Parliament. It depicts the arrival of the First Fleet and colonisation of Australia. It recognises the take over and clearing of tribal land for the introduced livestock and the impact it had on the traditional owners of this land, causing hardships and displacement. The flowers represent new life, reconciliation and hope for the future of our nation and its people.

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Lord Mayor Delegation Mission Tour

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David and Christine Hart have recently returned from the very successful Lord Mayor Delegation Mission where they visited five different cities: Taipei & Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Kobe (Japan), Daejeon (Korea), and Hong Kong. The Lord Mayor worked hard to create business opportunities for Brisbane and the sister cities.


Hart to Hart

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The trick, says David Hart is tofind an artist in early to mid-career, buy a big piece synonymous with them and keep it for 10 to 15 years. He followed his own advice and bought his father’s paintings, his father being Pro, a man who knew his way around an easel.”Dad would have given me anything I wanbted but I always paid for everything. I’d say to Dad, I’m interested in this. I don’t want any special deals. Whatever you’d sell that to a dealer for, I’ll pay you the same’.


Hart takes to paint like old Pro

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LITTLE Harry Hart, grandson of Aussie art great Pro Hart, lived every boy’s dream when he got to make a mess with stacks of food.
Harry Hart (above and below) follows in the footsteps of his dad, David, and his famous grandfather, Pro Hart.
SQUIRTING sauce, swimming in spaghetti and jumping on jelly.

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Chloe’s Hart Attack

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She’s only 14, but Chloe Hart’s tender age hasn’t stopped her from hosting her first art exhibition – or dettered people from lining upto commission her paintings. Her success, however, comes has no surprise to her family. After all, she is the third generation of Harts to make a splash in the art world. And David, her proud painter father, says the family patriarch, Pro would be beaming had he lived to see her success.