David Hart Reproductions


David’s Limited edition fine art reproductions are the highest quality expression of his original artworks. The state of the art Giclee process allows the original artwork to be reproduced on museum quality fine art canvas or paper using the best quality light fast inks in the world keeping them fade resistant for over 100 years. Each individual reproduction is created by hand in Australia by a master craftsmen printer.

This fine art process is labour intensive as David works closely together with master craftsmen to insure each individual reproduction represents the integrity of the original painting. Once this is achieved each fine art reproduction canvas is returned to David’s studio where he hand signs each individual work. This is also where reproductions set aside for limited additions and assigned edition numbers and certificates of authenticity.

Embellished Master Works

Limited numbers of canvas reproductions within some limited edition collections are referred to as ‘Master Works’. Master works are smaller editions of limited fine art reproductions that are returned to David’s easel for hand embellishing by the artist himself. This is a time consuming process that can takes hours or even days to complete, as David recreates as closely as possible the techniques used to create the original painting. By applying various mediums and effects, David works to recreate the textures, look and emotion of the original artwork defining each piece as an individually unique ‘Embellished Master Work’. David Hart fine art reproductions are extremely collectable, resulting in very limited availability per country.

Open Editions

Some of David’s original works are assigned to open additions; these are fine art reproductions but are not assigned a limited addition number or authenticity certificate. Open editions are created using the same fine art reproduction process as limited editions and are usually printed exclusively on artist’s cotton rag paper and framed under glass.


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