David’s Inspiration series is truly an extension of his vibrant and passionate personality. Developed through the creation of the original Inspiration Mural that was painted for the London Olympic Games as part of the Telstra Hero Message campaign. These works explore the concept that what looks like chaos in the paint can actually be manipulated, and controlled with a certain degree of accuracy. In this series, colour spills and explodes across the canvas like an expression of energy revealing a beauty that can only be found within chaos. Needing to deliver huge volumes of paint to the canvas has driven David to discover and develop many new techniques that have enabled him to create this stunning series of work. The Inspiration series has been so successful from its inception, that it was soon picked up and licensed by Australia’s largest homewares company, Maxwell and Williams, who have since created an entire range based around the series that has now been sold worldwide.

Image Size: 50 x 100cm (20 x 40″)

Medium: Acrylic

Price:  $4,500

Finish: Beautifully framed in a David Hart designer frame – Black and Silver


For more information please make an inquiry or phone 0411 154 334

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