The Christ Series

David says: “A Great painting is like the revealing of an artist’s lifetime; when you look at a painting you are looking at years of experimentation, mistakes, frustrations, failures and success. My paintings are not merely images, they are shared pieces of my heart and soul.”

David is proud of his Christian faith, and his parents were equally proud of their Christianity, and raised their children on the foundation that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The Christ series was something David felt compelled to paint as an expression of his own faith. He wanted to inspire people through this confronting series of paintings, by exposing the incredible price that Jesus paid for the sin and redemption of all mankind. He wanted to allow the viewer to reflect on the fact that Jesus was a gift from God – a living sacrifice to all mankind. Christ, created as a man and tempted as a man so that we could identify with him; God himself putting on flesh and reaching down to earth so that mankind could know him and live in relationship with him. The Christ series powerfully reflects that Jesus was not weak, meek or mild, but was in fact the greatest example of strength, commitment, love and passion that has ever lived or walked planet earth. His crucifixion was brutal and undeserved, but his resurrection was victorious and redeeming. The Christ series is painted using glazing techniques passed on to David from his father. Each painting is first created in black and white, once dry, David begins applying colour with various layers of glazing, which are then rubbed away, then reapplied allowing the image to emerge like light from the darkness. At times, David will even use a house hold scrubbing brush to paint in each image


December 16, 2014


November 16, 2014


September 16, 2014


August 16, 2014

Paint & Sip

August 13, 2014