The Colony Series

The Colony series is a follow on concept from the ‘Our Secret War series’. Based around Australia’s first colony and the explorations and adventures of the people who arrived in the first fleet that was situated in and around the Sydney Cove area of Australia. With these paintings, David shifts his focus towards various individuals and characters of the First Fleet as he explores their adaption to Australia’s harsh conditions, along with their interactions with each other, the landscape, and with the indigenous people who lived there. David is also concerned with the way in which the colony eventually grew to become a nation, and the moments of those early colonial years that were part of that process, such as those people who were brave enough to explore the dangerous and unforgiving vastness of the Australian landscape. There are also parts of this series that are somewhat romantic as he illustrates the simpler things of daily life in the colony, such as the adventurous spirit of the children who lived there and their ability to adapt to both their surroundings and the boundaries of culture.

In this series, David, once again, chose to use acrylic on canvas as his choice of medium. Despite this, you will notice that this body of work has a very different feel to it. In these paintings, David has framed his subjects with a glow that was created with the intention of drawing the viewers eye immediately to the subject matter within the panting, leaving the details of the landscape to act purely as supporting elements. While his use of colour captures the spirit of both the people and the land, David creates a look and feel to the work that is unmistakably Australian. Through his paintings, he has a wonderful ability to be a storyteller of the past; his images are powerful and confronting, and sometimes whimsical and romantic. His technique and style to go hand-in-hand with what the stories have to say, allowing the viewers to feel like they can become personally involved with the story; as though they have entered into the paintings.


December 16, 2014


November 16, 2014


September 16, 2014


August 16, 2014

Paint & Sip

August 13, 2014