The Velocity Series

David’s Velocity series was born out of inspiration he had while studying areas of his studio floor. Noticing that paint had been inadvertently dropped and splashed from waist height as he worked at his easel, he could see that the paint had left interesting patterns on the floor. Intrigued by his discovery, David decided to experiment by preparing a canvas to receive paint, applied by various techniques such as dropping it from ladders and even using his bare hands. It was glass balls filled with paint, however, that eventually gave him the effect he was looking for. The end result was beautiful, and the following weeks of experimentation and refinement led to the creation of what is now known as the the Velocity series.


December 16, 2014


November 16, 2014


September 16, 2014


August 16, 2014

Paint & Sip

August 13, 2014