David Hart Brand Reimagined

16th February 2022

Over the years:

Just as David’s art has evolved over the years, so has his branding. From humble beginnings, before the age of sophisticated digital design, the David Hart brand has had many evolutions over 35 years. From hand drawn signature logos to the very first home computer design, the David Hart brand has continued to pursue relevance in an ever changing high tech digital world.

Whether it’s through brand alignment, gallery locations, or new and emerging digital platforms, David has always been passionate about pushing his brand into the future and staying on the forefront of new and emerging technologies.

Now, together with his oldest son Jake Hart, head designer with R6 Digital, father and son have collaborated in a mammoth two year journey that can only be described as a complete reimagining, and redesign. As the brand enters into its 40th decade, it proudly stands apart as what is now considered one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted art brands.