Brushstrokes of History

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Brushstrokes of History

An Artist’s perspective on early Australia

Brushstrokes of History is an extraordinary exhibition offering an artist’s unique perspective on early Australia. Curated with care, this collection comprises 50 captivating pieces, accompanied by a fully illustrated book, written by David.

David’s dedication to this series spans over fourteen years. Motivated by his personal journey of exploration of the often misunderstood or less known aspects of early Australian history, David pays homage to the voices of the past, as he brings their stories to life on canvas.

From the arrival of Europeans on Australian shores to the profound impact of colonisation on the country’s Aboriginal people, David uses his own reactions to history and offers a different perspective as he breathes life into this inspiring narrative, offering a visual storytelling experience like no other.

While the original artworks showcased in this series are not available for sale, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire reproductions or delve into the comprehensive book that complements the exhibition. Each image from the collection captures a significant moment, inviting you to appreciate and reflect upon the rich tapestry of Australia’s early beginnings.

Get ready to be transported through time as “Brushstrokes of History” unveils a captivating window into Australia’s past. When released be sure to visit the exhibition, where these masterpieces will be displayed as a captivating museum showcase.

Now given the chance to come to life on canvas, this confronting, and inspirational masterpiece of illustrated history, has become David’s greatest and most important series of work.

This series has become a tribute to the voices of the past.

David’s journey through the nation’s history reveals his own personal reactions as an artist as he follows the story of Australia’s early beginnings and brings it to life on canvas.

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