From $15 per month (per artwork)

Storing over $1m in value of artworks since 2016

Hart storage is committed to providing an affordable storage solution with our cost down to half of other storage facilities. We look forward to offering a quote whether it’s for one piece or for your entire investment collection.

You can either deliver the paintings yourself to our location on the south side of Brisbane or we can organise an art courier to collect them from you, anywhere in Australia, and pass onto you our discounted rates. They can even package your art for you if you require.

6 months is the minimum amount of time for storage.  After this time, the artwork can be collected at any time with 7 days notice.

If you wish to insure your paintings, the cost is 1.25% of the value.

If you purchase a painting from us, then the first 3 months of storage is free.

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