The Brushman from the Bush

20th December 2016

David Hart has a uniquely Australian story; his experiences and identity are interwoven with the very fabric of this country. From his birth to now, every moment has been heavily influenced by the fundamental culture of Australia. He was born into a family that already held great significance in the Australian art world. Never had there been a man more emblematic of the spirit of this country than David’s late father, Pro Hart. His legacy of art continues to cause waves today, and David has more than followed suit.

David was born and raised in outback Australia. Broken Hill shaped his childhood and eventually his art. Scenes from those days still make appearances in his work. It was a childhood in the outback that made his father’s work so popular, and it was a childhood in the outback that launched David’s work as well. He established himself as a true artist of the bush. His father’s success also allowed him to travel the world and experience the cultures of many other countries. Those experiences reinforced his love for this country and revealed the beauty of his home that he might otherwise not have seen.

David moved away from Broken Hill in his 20s, but that only served to bolster his growing popularity. He first moved to Brisbane where he experienced city life for the first time. As with the outback, the city greatly influenced the subject matter of his work. He began including more urban sights and beach scenes in his portfolio. This is when high-end brands began partnering with him in collaborations. His beach scenes quickly became some of his most sought-after pieces, and he eventually found himself living them. David moved, with his young family, to a coastal home on the Sunshine Coast in 2001 and he opened his own gallery in Mooloolaba, named David Hart Galleries. It was an instant success.

David has lived in every type of environment that Australia has to offer – something not many people get to experience. All over the world, David is acknowledged as a truly great Australian artist, his art is recognized as the embodiment of everything this country is known for.