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As the exclusive authorised agent, and son of Pro Hart, David Hart offers a certificate of valuation and appraisal service on all original artwork by Pro Hart and of course, his own original artwork. David and his wife, Christine, have been valuing Pro Hart and Hart family artworks for more than 30 years. Why not take advantage of family knowledge, and our extensive historical and sales records that help us give your artwork the value it deserves.

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Certificates of Valuations

Certificates of valuation are usually required for one of the following reasons:

  • Insurance purposes
  • Superannuation Fund portfolios
  • Family divisions, deceased estate or bankruptcy
  • You would like to sell your work privately and require a current value of the work. A certificate of valuation from David Hart also gives your potential purchaser peace of mind and may also help you with achieving a better sales outcome on the secondary market.

The cost of a certificate of valuation is $175. If you have more than one original painting to value then each consecutive valuation will be charged at $125 each. If you purchased the artwork originally from David Hart Galleries, then the cost of the valuations are reduced to $125 each. We provide certificates of valuation for original paintings of all of the Hart family members, but are not able to provide valuations for any other artist.

95% of the time, a photograph of the front and the back will be all that is required for a certificate of valuation. If David or Christine Hart are unable to determine if the artwork is an authentic original painting, they will request for the artworks to be personally seen.

Please look at the Pro Hart paintings we have available for sale on our website to get an idea of the value. We are not able to offer you a free estimate as every centimeter in size, the subject matter, style, medium, and year of creation, can make a considerable difference to the value of a Pro Hart original, which is why we recommend purchasing a certificate of valuation from us. Even a small Pro Hart painting can be worth $1,000’s.

No, unfortunately we do not value prints or painted bibles. Due to the low value of prints, it is not worth paying the cost of a certificate of valuation. Please have a look at the Pro Hart reproductions we have available for sale on our website, this will give you an idea of the value. Please also know that a lithographic printing is not the same quality and process as a giclée fine art reproduction, and is therefore much less valuable.

Out of respect for Pro Hart’s wishes, the painted bibles were given as gifts and never meant to be sold.  Pro believed that the words inside were far more valuable than the painting on the cover.

We only specialize in valuing the work of Pro Hart and other Hart family members, so unfortunately we are unable to provide valuations for other artists.

If your photo doesn’t upload it may be too large, please feel free to email your images to if they do not upload.

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