Discover David’s latest artworks, giftware and experiences now available for sale.


Create impressions that last, transform your space with original art


Masterworks are fine art reproductions that are returned to David’s easel for hand embellishing by the artist himself.


David’s fine art reproductions are the highest quality expression of his original artworks.


Enjoy, impress, and inspire with quality designed giftware for art lovers and house proud individuals.

Men's Mule Maxwell 2
Clothing & Shoes

David Hart has collaborated with quality Australian brands to develop a designer range of clothing and shoes.

Next Generation

Continuing on the creative lineage, David’s children have now become the next generation to pursue the roots of their famous art heritage.

Pro Hart Artwork

Pro Hart is one of Australia’s most popular artists with his work still in high demand since his passing in 2006.

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David Hart has a diverse portfolio of styles. Whether it’s gouache or oils, acrylics or enamels, David’s talent for adapting to various styles and mediums is testament to standing as one of Australia’s most unique and talented artists.


Explore passion and inspire new perspectives

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Paint & Sip

Step inside David’s private art studio and create your own masterpiece. Gain insights and immerse yourself as David guides you step by step in this exclusive art experience.


Stay at Hart

Create a truly unforgettable memory when you stay at the Hart guest house. This luxury two person experience is exclusive for premium clients and special occasions.