Customise your masterpiece

David checks frame sizes

Work directly with David Hart and discuss how you can add personalised touches to your masterpiece.

David Hart Bespoke Range

David’s bespoke range brings you into the picture. From colour options to specific sizing and framing requirements, you get to direct the finer details of your masterpiece from start to finish.

Craft the perfect masterpiece for any room

We understand that sometimes the right piece for your space needs to be given that extra personalised touch. David’s bespoke range allows you to guide the details that fit your space perfectly.

Custom Size

  • Choose any size that suits your space
  • Choose the canvas depth

Custom Colours

  • Let David know your feature colours
  • Discuss the style

Custom Frame

  • Frame Colour
  • Frame Style
Bespoke Range

Custom Artwork

It's the finer details that bring everything together. Now you can select how you want your piece to look. With our range of quality moldings we can give your artwork the hand made finishing touches that exude quality and style. From minimalistic shadow box frames to stained timbers and silver or gold leaf moldings, you can now select the finishing touches to give your space the personalised attention it deserves.


In-person consultation with David Hart


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David Hart Art Value Statistics
David Hart Art Value Statistics