We have been valuing and selling Hart family artworks for more than 30 years. Why not take advantage of family knowledge, and our extensive historical and sales records that help us give your artwork the value it deserves.


Protect your investment and value your Hart artwork

Paintings created by the Hart family can increase quite significantly over the years, therefore it is important to have your paintings valued from time to time. Certificates of valuation are usually required for one of the following reasons:

  • Insurance purposes
  • Superannuation Fund portfolios
  • Family divisions, deceased estate or bankruptcy
  • You would like to sell your work privately and require a current value of the work. A certificate of valuation from David Hart also gives your potential purchaser peace of mind and may also help you with achieving a better sales outcome on the secondary market.

The cost of a certificate of valuation is $175. If you have more than one original painting to value then each consecutive valuation will be charged at $125 each. If you purchased the artwork originally from David Hart Galleries then the cost of the valuations are reduced to $125 each. We provide certificates of valuation for original paintings of all of the Hart family members, but we do not provide valuations for any other artist.

The certificate of valuation will include a photograph of the artwork that must be provided by you. When attaching the photographs, please ensure that the photo taken of the front of the artwork is as square as possible, and should also include all of the frame in order to give the best result. A photo of the entire back of the painting is also necessary to show what the painting is painted on, the inventory number, and whether the painting has a microchip or has had Pro Hart’s DNA mark applied. Even if you can’t see anything, please still include this photo (no need to take the painting out of the frame for the photograph).

Please ensure there are no flash marks or glare on the photographs. To be uploaded via the website the photographs are required to be under 2MB each. If the photographs are too large and won’t upload, please email them directly to

Submit your details for a certificate of valuation

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Are you looking to sell your Pro Hart? We can help you with that.

We have the largest collection of Pro Hart paintings available for sale in Australia. Both clients who are wishing to sell their Pro Hart or would like to purchase a Pro Hart, feel confident when dealing directly with the Hart family.

David Hart Galleries only accepts resales of Pro Hart’s work and are happy to consider all works, but they must be original paintings (prints are not accepted).

There are two options to consider when selling your Pro Hart with us.

  1. You can list it for sale on our “online” gallery and whilst it is for sale, you get to keep enjoying your Pro Hart on your wall at home. When the artwork is sold, David Hart Galleries will organise the courier to collect it and deliver it directly to the purchaser. The purchaser is given 48 hours from delivery to decide whether they love it or not and can return it for a full refund. The cost of the freight will be paid for by David Hart Galleries. Just a side note, not one person has ever returned their Pro Hart as it always looks better in the flesh than online. The commission charged for selling your work online is 23.5% (incl. GST) of the selling price.
  2. Alternatively your Pro Hart can be displayed for sale in our physical gallery. It has a quicker chance of selling through the gallery and it will still be included in our online gallery as well. We can only take a limited number of paintings and due to the extra expense, the commission will be 33% (incl. GST) of the selling price.

A free verbal art appraisal will be given when you submit your artwork for sale (below) to sell either online or in our gallery.


If you wish to proceed with a request for a certificate of valuation or an appraisal to sell your artwork, please click on the link below to submit your information. Once submitted, if it’s for a certificate of valuation you will receive an invoice and the written valuation will be emailed once payment has been received. Valuations can also be posted if required.

Submit your details if you wish to sell your painting through David Hart Galleries


Storing over $1m in value of artworks since 2016

Whether your artwork is a part of your SMSF or you require storage for another reason, you can be assured that your investment artworks are in safe hands. At Hart storage we provide a complimentary certificate of valuation for the required insurance cover on all Hart family artworks, or an outsourced valuation can be organised for other artists you may wish to store with us. We can organise all of the insurance cover in your Super Funds name and provide competitive quotes for any of your artworks that may need to be collected from you, and delivered to us by a professional Art Courier. Once the artworks are delivered, a condition report will be generated and the front and back of each artwork will be photographically recorded.

If you hold artwork within your self-managed super fund, then you should be aware that there are strict rules regarding the storage and insurance of your artwork. The storage and insurance requirements were introduced in July 2016 to prevent SMSF trustees receiving a personal benefit from the SMSF investment.

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