Hand embellished limited edition series by David Hart

Introducing reproductions in a whole new light

David captures the textures, look and emotion of an original artwork with hand embellishment that defines each piece as individual and unique. These printed canvas reproductions are limited to only 45 in a series and are referred to as ‘Masterworks’.

Experience David Hart Masterworks

Masterworks are fine art printed reproductions (prints) that are returned to David’s easel for hand embellishing by the artist himself. This is a time consuming process that can take hours or even days to complete. By applying various mediums and techniques, David works to create a sense of texture and movement to give each Masterwork the appearance of an original painting

Every Masterwork is signed with brush and paint on the front, just like an original, before being hand signed and numbered on the reverse side to indicate its specific number within the edition of 45.

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David Hart Art Value Statistics
David Hart Art Value Statistics