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David is one of Australia’s most iconic and collected

Beginning his journey as a visual artist at the age of 16, David’s 35-year career has seen him become internationally recognised and highly collected. His works are represented in prominent private and corporate collections around Australia, and around the world, including former U.S President Donald Trump, Nicole Kidman, Lord Earl Spencer, as well as many Mayoral, Prime Ministerial, and Presidential collections.

His work is not easily placed within the boundaries of a single style or genre. He’s an avid explorer, and his expression has always been underpinned by his heritage, and his passion to push the boundaries of mediums and new applications.

David believes he’s been extremely privileged to exhibit his work around the nation and around the world.

Two of them, at times, would paint side-by-side in one of the many art studios to be found on the family property

Born in 1971 as the son of miner and world renowned artist, the late Pro Hart. David was immersed in art from an early age, and was encouraged to explore his own creative interests through exposure to various techniques and mediums. However, it was after creating his very first series of paintings at just sixteen years of age, that David really began his journey to becoming a full-time visual artist.

David paints an art
An insect painting
Man looking on his painting
David Hart Hero Image

Pivotal Achievements

David says, as a teenager, creating and selling his first artworks gave him his first real sense of achievement. Discovering his gifting and purpose was perhaps the single most pivotal point in his life; knowing he wanted to paint, to become an artist in his own right, would fuel his determination to take those next steps in his journey.

David says that selling his first series of artworks encouraged him to continue creating and exploring who he wanted to become as an artist. Those early years when David was given his first opportunities to exhibit his work, were both pivotal, and significant years in regard to how he developed as an artist. Those first achievements are always pivotal, they are the crossroads in life where we discover who we are and where we want to go in life.

David says that creating and selling art is the greatest privilege an artist can have, even after 35 years, he never takes it for granted. When you know someone values what you do, it keeps you passionate about what you’re creating, and gives you the momentum you need to keep going and keep exploring.


Since his humble beginnings as a young artist from a small mining town in outback Australia, David’s name has risen over time to become not only iconic in the Australian art world, but also as a brand in its own right. Much of that success has come from David’s passion for working with and aligning with highly successful brands. David believes collaborations are the catalyst for growth and inspiration, and that many of his best works and new ideas have come from pushing the boundaries of ideas through collaborative thinking.

Many of my greatest achievements have been a direct result of collaborations. Right from the start I could see incredible creative value in working with like minded people and highly successful brands.


There is no doubt that one of David Hart’s greatest influences was his late father and art mentor, Pro Hart.

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