Limited and open edition series by David Hart

  • A Day at the Beach Mooloolaba M SW
  • Water Birds 37
  • Wedding at Wilcannia M SW

David Hart Limited Edition Reproductions

David’s fine art reproductions are the highest quality expression of his original artworks. The state of the art Giclée process allows the original artwork to be reproduced on museum quality fine art canvas or paper using the best quality light fast inks in the world, keeping them fade resistant for over 100 years.

These are generally printed onto canvas then returned to David’s studio where he hand signs and numbers each individual work. Each limited edition comes with a certificate of authenticity showing its number with the edition.

These are fine art reproductions that are not assigned a limited edition number or authenticity certificate. Open editions are created using the same high quality fine art reproduction process as limited editions, and are usually printed on either artist’s quality cotton rag paper, or artist quality canvas. Each open edition will include a sticker on the back explaining the Giclée reproduction process, which is personally signed by David.

Each individual reproduction is created by hand in Australia by a master craftsmen printer.

This fine art process is labour intensive as David works closely together with a master craftsmen printer, to ensure each individual reproduction represents the integrity of the original painting.

David Hart uses mini camera
David Hart Checks Paintings
David Hart Concepts 028@2x

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David’s fine art reproductions are the highest quality expression of his
original artworks


Create a lasting impression with art


Masterworks are fine art reproductions that are returned to David’s
easel for hand embellishing by the artist himself.


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David Hart Art Value Statistics
David Hart Art Value Statistics