Engaging with David Hart Galleries offers a reputable and specialised platform that instils confidence and ensures a direct connection to the artist’s legacy and family.

Expertise and Trust

With over 35 years’ experience of specialising in Pro Hart’s artworks, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the artist’s work. Clients trust the gallery’s understanding of Pro Hart’s style, value, and market trends, which enhances their confidence in the buying and selling process.

Direct Connection

Being a part of the Hart family, this adds a personal touch to the transactions.  Clients feel more connected and assured when dealing with the artist’s family and this connection provides insights into the artwork’s history, provenance, and authenticity.

Exclusive Focus

David Hart Galleries exclusively deals in the Hart family artworks and offers a dedicated platform for enthusiasts and collectors of Pro Hart’s art. This specialisation ensures that both sellers and buyers receive focused attention and tailored services specific to Pro Hart’s work.

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Online and Physical Presence

With the convenience of both online and physical gallery spaces, sellers can reach a wider audience through the online platform, while the physical gallery allows potential buyers to view the artworks in person, creating a comprehensive buying and selling experience.

Verbal Art Appraisal

As part of the selling process, David Hart Galleries offers a free verbal art appraisal. This service helps sellers determine the potential value of their artwork and assists buyers in making informed purchasing decisions.  At the time of sale, a complimentary certificate of valuation and authenticity is supplied to the purchaser for insurance and provenance purposes.

Options To Sell Your Pro Hart

David Hart Galleries specialises exclusively in resales of Pro Hart’s original paintings. They do not accept artworks from any other artists, and prints are not considered. If you wish to sell your Pro Hart artwork, there are two options available:

Online Sale

You can list your artwork for sale on our “online” gallery. During this time, you can continue enjoying the piece on your own wall at home. Once the artwork is sold, David Hart Galleries will arrange for a courier to collect it and deliver it directly to the buyer. The purchaser will have 48 hours from the delivery to decide if they love it. If not, they can return it for a full refund, and the cost of freight will be covered by David Hart Galleries. It’s worth noting that no one has ever returned a Pro Hart artwork, as it always looks better in person than online. The commission charged for selling your artwork online is 23.5% (incl. GST) of the selling price.

Physical Gallery Sale

Alternatively, you can choose to display your Pro Hart artwork for sale in our physical gallery. This option offers a faster chance of selling, and your artwork will also be included in our online gallery. However, due to the additional expenses involved, the commission for this option will be 33% (incl. GST) of the selling price. Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of paintings in our physical gallery.

When you submit your artwork for sale, either online or in our gallery, you will receive a free verbal art appraisal. Please fill out the form below to initiate the process.

Please note for both gallery and online sales, if this will be the second transfer of ownership since 9th June, 2010, all commercial resales of artworks must be reported to the Copyright Agency (CAL) and a Resale Royalty of 5% is payable.  This a legal commercial gallery obligation and the amount will be charged on top of the commission and paid directly to CAL.  For further information please visit resaleroyalty.org.au

David Hart Galleries only accepts resales of Pro Hart’s original artwork. We are happy to consider all Pro Hart works, but they must be original paintings (prints are not accepted).

No, we only accept exclusive consignments.

Some artworks are for sale for only a matter of weeks before they sell and some may take months and even more than a year. It is very dependent on the subject, size, and what someone is actually looking for at that time. They do sell quicker if they are on display in our gallery, rather than online.

Yes, there are a number of ways you can sell your artwork.

  1. Sell privately or on Ebay. These methods can take longer, are more stressful, and generally attract people looking for a bargain. Ebay will also take a commission fee. If you would like to try these selling options, we recommend that you purchase a certificate of valuation from us. This not only shows the correct value of your artwork, it also gives people peace of mind that the painting comes with an official certificate from David Hart.
  2. Hang for sale on consignment in a gallery near you. Most galleries generally take 33.3% – 42% commission on the selling price.
  3. You could sell it in an art auction. Their sellers commission is around 16.5% – 19.5% and it will most likely sell for close to wholesale price, which is about half of retail pricing. We would only recommend an art auction if you needed to clear your artwork in a hurry.
  4. You can ask us about buying your artwork up front. Our up front purchasing means you get your money now. If your Pro Hart original looks like something we would like to buy, we will offer a reduced rate but there would also be no commission to pay which is a far better outcome than selling through an art auction. You get paid and walk away, it’s quick, easy, and stress free.

Online only is 23.5% incl. GST
On display in our gallery and online is 33% incl. GST

There is no charge for us to list your painting for sale both online or in the gallery but there is a 5% resale royalty if the second transfer of ownership is after the 9th June 2010.

Under the Resale Royalty Scheme, visual artists are entitled to 5% of the sale price of eligible artworks resold commercially for $1,000 or more.  We will take care of the reporting and payment to the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) but this 5% will be taken from the sale price at the time of sale.
If you owned the painting prior to the 9th June, 2010, there is no royalty fee that will be charged on top of the commission.

You will be phoned and given the verbal value of the painting. If you then wish to go ahead with selling the painting through us then a consignment agreement will be emailed to you to fill in and return.

If you choose to list your painting for sale “online only” then you hold onto the painting until it is sold.

If you choose to display your painting in our gallery then we will discuss with you the courier options, or you can deliver directly to the gallery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

We only offer a resale opportunity for Pro Hart original paintings.

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