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Experimentation is the greatest teacher

There is no doubt that one of David Hart’s greatest influences was his late father and art mentor, Pro Hart. David says that he has never officially had an art lesson, but more what he would describe as exposure to opportunity, techniques, and self-discovery.

David has a firm belief that art is not something you can simply teach or learn.

Art is something that already exists within us, like a seed, or a door that is waiting to be unlocked. The only thing that can be taught is technique, and the most valuable thing to learn is commitment to experimentation and discovery. In David’s opinion, these are the keys to unlocking our creative potential.

Influences are also an important part of our creative and the discovery process, but they should only be used to explore the boundaries of our own ideas.

Exploring creative opportunity through exposure to art

The two of them, at times, would paint side-by-side in one of the many art studio’s to be found on the family property. It was here that David was encouraged by his father to explore his own creative interests through exposure to painting, sculpting, enameling, casting and welding.

David paints an art
An insect painting
Man looking on his painting
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