David Hart

Waltzing Matilda with David Hart

20th July 2018

David Hart has a uniquely Australian story; his experiences and identity are interwoven with the very fabric of this country. From his birth to now, every moment has been heavily influenced by the fundamental culture of Australia. He was born into a family that already held great significance in the Australian art world. Never had there been a man more emblematic of the spirit of this country than David’s late father, Pro Hart. His legacy of art continues to cause waves today, and David has more than followed suit with a reputation as a passionate illustrator of Australian history and poetry. The Story of Waltzing Matilda is perhaps one of Australia’s most well known anthems and one that is very dear to David’s heart.

In this series David Hart brings the writings of Banjo Paterson to life, as he illustrates the story of Waltzing Matilda in six stunning scenes. These images have been faithfully reproduced using state of the art Giclée technology and are available as a single print limited addition of just 150 or as a boxed set of six limited to 150 and also as a framed set six limited to 150 editions.