What is Paint & Sip?

23rd April 2024

We live in a bustling world filled with mounting deadlines, commitments, and to-do lists which constantly weigh us down. So much so that it’s hard to find time to unwind and express our creativity. Even when we do get time, it’s hard to gain a sense of direction and find ways to delve into our creative passions without feeling lost and hopeless.

But what if there was a way to unwind for a few hours while indulging in a creative pursuit such as painting? What if it wasn’t alone, but in the company of friends, family members, and other like-minded individuals? And to top it all off, what if you had an assortment of food and beverages to enjoy while you did it?

This is the Paint & Sip experience–an unforgettable journey of creativity, laughter, and connection that leaves a colourful imprint on both your canvas and your soul.

paint and sip

What is Paint & Sip?

The Paint & Sip experience can be many different things.

  • A chance to learn David’s step-by-step painting process and secret techniques.
  • An unforgettable painting experience together with your friends and family members.
  • An immersive social event that combines painting and camaraderie in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.
  • A unique celebration for special occasions that will inspire you and your guests.
  • A private step-by-step painting lesson with David, and an opportunity to own an exclusive painting valued at $4,725.

So whether you’re a budding art student who wants to learn from the industry’s finest, or an art lover who wants to explore their creative side with an exclusive painting experience, Paint & Sip is an event that can be appreciated by everyone.


The Paint & Sip Experience

As you step into David’s studio, you’ll be greeted by an ambience of creativity and passion. Tables adorned with paintbrushes, palettes, and canvases just waiting to be explored by your creative side. The experience will help your creativity come to life, and you’ll learn about the joys and freedoms of expressing yourself on canvas.


An Experience Designed for Everyone

The Paint & Sip experience isn’t just for seasoned or experienced artists. Whether you’re an art student or if you’ve never picked up a brush before, the Paint & Sip experience is designed for people of all skill levels. David will guide you through a step-by-step process to paint your own masterpiece from scratch.


An Experience For Groups and Individuals

Paint & Sip is an excellent experience for groups. Whether it’s your friends, family members, or workmates, you can enjoy the Paint & Sip experience together.

But if you’re looking to treat yourself to fun and creative experiences on your own, then you’re welcome to join an existing group or other like-minded individuals who are eager to explore their creative side.

For a more private experience, David also offers an Ultimate Class package that is designed for just two people. This includes all of the benefits of the other classes, but you also get to keep the painting that David paints right in front of you.


All Art Materials Included

There’s no need to bring any art materials either. David will provide all of the brushes, canvases, and paints that you’ll need for the full experience.

paint and sip art brushes

Unwinding and Socializing

The Paint & Sip experience isn’t just about the art–it’s also an opportunity to unwind and socialize. As you immerse yourself in the painting process, the laid-back atmosphere and friendly ambience will encourage you to mingle with fellow guests.

Laughter will fill the air, friendships will blossom, and you’ll get to share your creative exploration with others in the room. This makes Paint & Sip the perfect outing for your friends and family members, but also as a solo adventure to socialize and meet new people.


Sipping and Nibbling

The Paint & Sip experience wouldn’t be complete without some beverages and nibbles to accompany your artistic exploration. Savour a glass of wine or indulge in a refreshing cocktail as your put your brush to the canvas. Clink glasses with neighbouring guests and mingle as you paint a masterpiece with David’s guidance.

The Premium Class package includes non-alcoholic beverages, but all guests are welcome to bring alcohol and nibbles if they want to. This package takes place on specific dates, so be sure to check the Paint & Sip experience page to learn more.

The Elite Private Class package is a fully catered event that includes both alcoholic drinks and a range of nibbles. It also includes a dedicated private butler that will ensure that your glass is always filled with your preferred drink. The selection of mouthwatering nibbles includes artisanal cheese, luscious fresh fruits, vibrant vegetables, and a delectable range of dips and spreads. Your dietary preferences and palates will also be catered to, and guests are free to choose their preferred class date.


Create Your Own Masterpiece

David’s step-by-step guidance will help you create your own masterpiece in the style of one of his three most popular scenes.

  • Reflections – A vibrant flower reflected in still waters. One of David’s most popular subjects that will transform any room with style, vibrancy, and energy.
  • Red Vase – A collection of flowers in a red vase, inspired by Australian wildflowers and waterholes on the family property. One of David’s most highly collected works.
  • The Sand Bar – A beautiful scene of an Australian beach, inspired by David’s love and passion for coastal scenes.

Each of these scenes corresponds to a different event date. Be sure to check out the exact dates if there’s a particular scene that you prefer to paint. For the Private Elite or Ultimate Classes, guests can choose which scene they want to paint instead.


The Paint & Sip experience is an utterly unique fusion of creative exploration with a laid-back atmosphere of drinking, nibbling, and socializing. Whether you’re looking to explore your artistic urges with a friendly backdrop, or if you’re searching for a unique group outing, Paint & Sip is a truly unforgettable experience that everyone can enjoy.

So enquire and book your Paint & Sip experience today.