Harry Hart

Hart takes to paint like old Pro

9th July 2018

SQUIRTING sauce, swimming in spaghetti and jumping on jelly.

Little Harry Hart, grandson of Aussie art great Pro Hart, lived every boy’s dream when he got to make a mess with stacks of food.

And it was all for art’s sake.

In a remake of Dupont Stainmaster carpet’s iconic 1988 advertisement, which featured Pro painting carpet, 11-year-old Harry, who lives at Tinbeerwah, got to run amok and help create one of his grandfather’s signature works, a magnificent dragonfly.

“At first I was really nervous but then I thought about it and decided it would be fun,” Harry said.

“I’ve seen the ad on TV and I think it’s really cool. So do all my friends.”

The dragonfly in the ad, which was filmed last December, was made entirely of food.

Harry said he did not do much of the work on the dragonfly featured in the ad, but said he really wanted to learn the family craft.

Painting dragonflies and his favourite cartoon character, Sponge Bob Square Pants, were at the top of his list.

According to Harry, however, the highlight of making the ad was the bottomless tray of chocolates that kept coming his way.

He also got to drink as much soft drink as he wanted.

“I think I am ready to start learning to paint and I really want to start. It would be great to paint dragonflies,” Harry said.

“It was fun making the ad too. I wouldn’t mind doing more.”

Harry’s big sister, Chloe, has already developed a following, with art collectors scrambling to buy her abstract works.

She fits in painting between school, socialising and her favourite past time, which she says is shopping.

On June 23 Harry will have another chance to perform for the camera when he appears on Hey, Hey It’s Saturday.

He will star alongside his artist father, David Hart, and during the show create another dragonfly on carpet.