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David is one of Australia’s most iconic and collected

It was after creating his first series of paintings at just sixteen years of age, that David really began his journey to becoming a full-time visual artist. From humble beginnings painting on a piece of old board at his kitchen table, David has risen to become one of Australia’s most well-known and highly collected artists.

His work is not easily placed within the boundaries of a single style or genre. He’s an avid explorer, and his expression has always been underpinned by his heritage, and his passion to push the boundaries of mediums and new applications.

David believes he’s been extremely privileged to exhibit his work around the nation and around the world. His 35-year career has seen him become internationally recognised and highly collected. His works are represented in prominent private and corporate collections around Australia, and around the world, including former U.S President Donald Trump, Nicole Kidman, Lord Earl Spencer, as well as many Mayoral, Prime Ministerial, and Presidential collections.

David says creating and selling art is the greatest privilege any artist can have, even after 35 years, he never takes it for granted. When someone values what you do, it keeps you passionate about what you’re creating, and gives you the momentum you need to keep creating and keep exploring.

Art is an expression of who we are and the lifestyle we enjoy. It opens our eyes and minds to creativity and possibility.


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