David Hart was born in 1971 as the son of miner and artist, Pro Hart. Raised in the dusty outback-mining town of Broken Hill, Australia, David Hart spent his early years submersed in arts and culture. He would study various techniques and mediums under the guidance of his father. The two of them, at times, would paint side-by-side in one of the many art studio’s to be found on the family property. It was here that David Hart was encouraged by his father to explore his own creative interests through exposure to painting, sculpting, enameling, casting and welding. It was in creating his first series of paintings when he was just sixteen years of age that David began the first steps on his journey to becoming a full time visual artist. The years ahead saw him rise from the dust of that outback mining-town, to become recognised as one of Australia’s most well-known and highly collected artists.

David hart’s work is not easily placed within the boundaries of a single style or genre. He’s an avid explorer, and his expression has always been underpinned by his passion to push the boundaries of mediums and new applications. He believes experimentation has always been his greatest teacher, and it is through his discoveries, mistakes, and accidents that his greatest works have been created.

The medium, or style, is purely a way in which he can connect his heart and mind to the canvas. Within exploration and creation, there is always a struggle, but he believes there can be no birth without pain; it’s this battle between the idea and the medium that makes the final work powerful. Over time, David discovered that creating routines and habits in his work process would cause him to loose the ability to think critically about his own methods and techniques, and could possibly even lead to the death of his art. His challenge then, was to identify his own creative boundaries and overcome them through experimentation; in doing this, David believes he allows the work to remain spontaneous instead of methodical. Allowing things to happen spontaneously or by accident and staying clear of routine are the keys to his creative process.

David’s ability to make a connection with everyday people through his art has seen his popularity as a visual artist grow from strength to strength. His passion, determination and effort have helped him rise to become one of Australia’s most purchased and collected artists. In 2001 David established two of Queensland, Australia’s most famous art galleries in both Mooloolaba and Noosa Heads, and has now also expanded throughout Australia, Singapore, China and America.


There is no doubt that one of David Hart’s greatest influences was his father and art mentor, Pro Hart. David says that he has never officially had an art lesson, but more what he would describe as exposure to opportunity, techniques and self-discovery.


David’s paintings are displayed in significant private collections throughout Europe, the United States of America, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries including


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